How Is Coca-cola Made Step By Step


How Is Coca-cola Made Step By Step:

The Coca-Cola filling production line is an indispensable equipment for Coca-Cola production. The production process of Coca-Cola includes five links: water treatment, sugar dissolution, fermentation, filling, and packaging.

How Is Coca-cola Made Step By Step
Water treatment: water is filtered, boiled, and chlorinated. In this way, you can get clean, hygienic and delicious drinking water.
Sugar dissolution: Add coconut sugar-based sugar (coconut sugar, corn syrup, sucrose) into the production barrel. Then add warm boiled water and stir evenly until the solubility reaches the required level.
Fermentation: Add the heavy sugar solution to the mixer. Add starter culture and stir for 1-2 hours. The sugar content of the isobaric sugar solution reaches about 30 degrees, and the fermentation is completed.

How Is Coca-cola Made Step By Step

How Is Coca-cola Made Step By Step

Filling: When filling, first unload the barreled fermentation liquid. After filtering, pour into bottles or jars. At the same time, add MSG, seasonings, flavors, etc. to it. Finally, the bottle is capped, sealed, and placed on the coca-coca filling machine for bottling.
Packaging: Place the filled Coca-Cola on a specific packaging machine for packaging. Finally placed on the shelf in boxes or bulk.

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