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Suzhou LUYE Packaging Technology Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer engaged in beverage packaging machinery and various water treatment equipment. The company has 30 years of production experience, and absorbs advanced technology at home and abroad, constantly improve their products, enjoying a high reputation among users. At present, there are: 0.5-50T/H complete water treatment equipment, 2000-36000 bottles/hour mineral water, pure water, gas drinks complete filling, heat shrinkable film packaging molding production line; 50-2000 barrels/hour five gallon barrel production line; 2000-36000 bottles/hour vinegar, soy sauce, wine filling production line; juice, fruit tea, vegetable protein drinks Complete production line.
The company takes "honesty, sincerity, sincerity and sincerity" as the enterprise spirit; takes "high-tech, high-quality, high-grade" as the lifeline of the enterprise; takes scientific and technological innovation as the eternal enterprise concept; satisfies the customer's needs with perfect after-sales service; at the same time, it has put forward and implemented to "multi-variety, high-tech, large-scale, complete set of changes". "The strategy of direction development.

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30 Years of Production Experience

Excellent Technical Team

High Technology, High Quality

Global Praise Rate

What Can We Do?

  • Juice Filling Machine
  • Water Filling Machine
  • Carbonated Drinks Filling Machine
  • Beer Filling Machine
  • Wine Filling Machine
  • Oil Filling Machine
  • Soy Sauce Filling Machine
  • Daily Chemical Filling Machine
  • Barreled Water Filling Machine
  • Soda Water Filling Machine

History of development


LUYE machinery is willing to work with you to create a bright future together!


LUYE machinery will Increase R&D innovation, Implementing the Development Strategy of "Multi-variety, High-tech, Large-scale and turn-key,Create famous brand of beverage machinery.


Establish a professional international trading company separately to provide customers with more professional additional services.


In 2012, the new 30000bph water production line of LUYE water plant was built, and LUYE machinery constantly updated and developed beverage-related equipment.


In 2009, LUYE machinery set up a foreign trade business department to open up foreign markets. Continuously cooperate with enterprises at home and abroad.


In 2008, LUYE machinery established two new standardized workshops with a total area of 4000 square meters. In the same year, Luye machinery developed and produced different kinds of packaging machinery such as film wrapping machines and carton packaaing machine.


In 2000, LUYE machinery R & D and production, high-speed three in one filling production line, equipment all over China's domestic market.


In 1999, LUYE machinery established its own water plant 6000bph bottle line and 300bph barrel line


In 1996, LUYE machinery developed and produced the first 3-in-1 water filling machine, complete set of water treatment equipment, and 5-gallon production line.


In 1989, it changed its name to Zhangjiagang LUYE Machinery Co., Ltd. and registered the brand and trademark of LUYE machinery. Become a well-known domestic beverage equipment manufacturer.


In 1987, it was renamed Zhangjiagang Sanxing Beverage Machinery Co., Ltd. to develop and innovate more complete beverage equipment.


In 1984, Zhangjiagang Sanxing beverage machinery accessories factory was established, mainly engaged in the research and development and production of the earliest soda filling equipment, complete set of beverage equipment and accessories in China

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