Edible Oil Filling Production Line


Edible Oil Filling Production Line Introduction:

The edible oil filling production line can perform a series of operations such as metering, filling, sealing, labeling, and coding of various edible oils. Achieve fully automated production. An intelligent control system is adopted to ensure the efficiency, stability and safety of the production process.

Edible Oil Filling Production Line
The edible oil filling line adopts submersible filling, which is filled approximately 5-8mm inside the barrel mouth. The design of the discharge port avoids the phenomenon of small oil droplets splashing and contaminating the bottle mouth caused by fast filling speed. Combined with multi-stage fast and slow filling, it can ensure full-speed filling during high-speed filling. It can also effectively solve the problem of foam overflowing the bottle when the air pressure is too high for rapid filling. The edible oil filling production line adopts high servo control. Replace conventional pulse generators with rotary encoders. It has strong anti-interference ability and the whole machine runs more stably.

Advantages of Edible Oil Production Line:

Improve production efficiency: achieve high-speed, continuous production and reduce manual operation time.
Reduce labor costs: Reduce reliance on manual operations and reduce hiring and training costs.

Edible Oil Filling Production Line
Improve product quality: The edible oil filling machine can accurately control the flow and filling volume of oil, reducing the impact of human factors on product quality.
Reduce scrap losses: Better control of product flow and packaging reduces leaks, spills and waste.
High efficiency and energy saving: using advanced equipment and intelligent control system to effectively save energy.
Multifunctional: It can meet the filling requirements of different specifications and types of bottled and canned edible oils.
Easy maintenance: Modular design makes maintenance and repair easier.

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