Complete Carbonated Soft Drink Production Line


Complete Carbonated Soft Drink Production Line Introduction:

The complete carbonated soft drink production line is suitable for the production of carbonated drinks (carbonated drinks) in PET bottles. Such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, Sprite and carbonated mineral water. The carbonated soft drink production line can produce bottles of different capacities, such as 350ml, 500ml, 1000ml, 2000ml, etc.

Complete Carbonated Soft Drink Production Line

Soft Drink Production Line Requires the Following Equipment:

Water treatment equipment: Through quartz stone filtration, activated carbon filtration, sodium ion filtration, precision filters, reverse osmosis units, ultraviolet sterilization, sterile water pipes, etc. The water quality produced reaches the standard of pure water.
Syrup blending equipment: A commonly used sugar melting pot, its capacity is determined according to production conditions and production volume. It is mainly used for sugar melting and blending.
Filtration equipment: It is suitable for closed filtration of liquids with a concentration of less than 50%, low viscosity and low slag content. It can meet the requirements of purification, sterilization and clarification.
Material carbonization treatment equipment: The material needs to be cooled before carbonation, and then poured into a carbonated beverage mixer to fully mix with carbon dioxide.
Carbonated beverage filling machine: adopts the isobaric filling principle.

Complete Carbonated Soft Drink Production Line
Carbonated beverage packaging machine: Carbonated beverages on the market are packaged in 12 bottles and 24 bottles using plastic film bags.

Advantages of Carbonated Production Line:

The advantages of a carbonated soft drink production line include high production efficiency, good flexibility, and stable product quality.
High production efficiency: The one-time filling production process can greatly improve production efficiency and save labor costs.
Good flexibility: The filling process can be adjusted according to the needs of different beverages, thereby producing beverage products with different flavors, packages, and specifications.
Stable product quality: Using a one-time filling production process. There is no need to pour the beverage from one container to another, ensuring that the beverage will not be exposed to too much air. It can be produced in a closed environment, thereby ensuring the quality of the product and taste.

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