3-in-1 Mineral Water Filling Machine


3-in-1 Mineral Water Filling Machine Introduction:

3-in-1 mineral water filling machine series apply to the production of non-carbonated drinks as pure water and mineral water, with optional capacity from 8000BPH to 48,000BPH.
1. Rinsing System: Rinsing gripper dial, separating water dial, water trough;
2. Filling System: Liquid tank, filling valves, controlling rings;
3. Capping System: Screwing capper, cap sorter, falling cap guide.

3-in-1 Mineral Water Filling Machine Main Features:

1. 3-in-1 mineral water filling equipment has compact structure, fine operation system、easy operation and high degree automation.
2. Adopting air conveyor and inlet bottle track-wheel directly connection technology, cancel inlet bottle screw and conveying chain, easily to change other size bottle.
Bottle goes through air conveyor into filling machine and then transmitted to washing machine by inlet bottle steel track-wheel.
3. 3-in-1 water filling machine parts connected with material all adopt exported high quality stainless steel, no art design blind corner, easily to be cleaned.
4. Adopting high accuracy, fast speed rated volume filling valves without less, ensuring high quality filling.

3-in-1 Mineral Water Filling Machine
5. Capping heads adopt constant torque device, ensuring capping quality.
6. Adopting high efficient cap sorting system with perfect cap feeding and protecting device.
7. 3-in-1 water filling machine no needs to adjust equipments height when changing other size bottles, just need to change track-wheels.
8. Filling adopts gripping bottle neck inlet technology , avoiding twice bottle mouth pollution.
9. 3-in-1 water filling machine perfect overload protecting device, which can effective protect machine and operator.

3-in-1 Mineral Water Filling Machine
10. Controlling system has water level auto controlling, lack caps checking 、auto stop washing and counting functions.
11. Washing bottle adopts UAS spraying company high efficient cleaning spraying nozzle, which can clean almost everywhere.
12. Main electrical components, electric control valve, inverter and so on all adopt exported parts, ensuring complete machine high quality specification.
13. Air system all components all adopt international famous brand products.
14. Whole machine adopts advanced touch screen controlling, which can achieve human-machine dialogue.

3-in-1 Mineral Water Filling Machine Technical Parameters:

Model XGF50/50/15 XGF60/60/15 XGF72/72/18 XGF80/80/22
Rinsing head 50 60 72 80
Filling head 50 60 72 80
capping head 15 15 18 22
Capacity 24000BPH 30000BPH 36000BPH 42000BPH
Dimension 4720×3550×2750 6000×5450×2750 6500×4680×2750 7800×6380×2750
Power 7.5KW 11KW 15KW 19KW
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