Working principle of three in one filling machine


Summary of isobaric filling machine
Isobaric filling is the process of filling the container at a higher pressure than atmospheric pressure. The container is first filled with air to make it equal to the air pressure in the tank. Then it enters the container by the weight of the liquid material. It is suitable for filling steam drinks with polyester bottles and plastic bottles. The adjustment of each part of the bottle is realized by rotating the handle. This is convenient and convenient. The filling method adopts new isobaric filling, which makes the filling speed faster and more stable. Compared with similar specifications, the production is higher and the efficiency is higher. Programmable logic controller (PLC) controls the automatic operation of the machine. The inlet of the bottle chain is adjusted by the frequency converter and is compatible with the main inverter, so that the operation of the bottle is more stable and reliable. Photoelectric detection of components operation, high degree of automation, easy to operate.
Two. The working principle of the isobaric filling machine.
First, the packed container is inflated so that the internal gas pressure equals the gas pressure in the liquid storage tank, and then the liquid is filled into the machine in the container. The pressure inside the tank is equal to the pressure inside the bottle and filled by liquid gravity into the bottle. Filling valve is controlled by pneumatic valve, filling accuracy is high, filling volume and filling speed can be adjusted arbitrarily, using anti-pulling, lifting filling device filling head.
Three. Application of isobaric filling machine
The isobaric canned machine is developed on the basis of importing, digesting and absorbing the technology of the country. A canned equipment has been developed according to the requirements of the processing technology of Chinese beverage cans. It is mainly used for canned cans such as soft drinks, coke, steam and so on. It has the characteristics of structure, stable work, reliability, safe operation, convenient maintenance, stepless speed regulation and high production efficiency. It is the ideal canned equipment for small and medium-sized beverage factories.

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