Operating Instructions for Mineral Water Filling Production Line


The operating procedures of any equipment must comply with the specifications, especially mineral water filling production line. If manual operation is used, two problems need to be paid attention to, one is failure, and the other is equipment debugging problems. The manual operation procedures for mineral water production equipment must first turn on the power supply, and then close the air switch on the main body of the equipment, and the power indicator light is on. Prove that the device is powered on. Second, check whether all valves, including the raw water inlet valve, are fully opened. Turn on the water inlet switch of the water purification equipment and make it operate together with the water inlet solenoid valve and the raw water valve. After 5 seconds, turn on the primary water switch to start the primary high-pressure pump, and after 3 seconds, turn on the secondary water switch to start the secondary high-pressure pump.

In order to save various costs in the production process, modern enterprises are recommended to use equipment with high degree of automation. The automatic operation procedure of the water filling machine is to turn on the power first, and then check the equipment. If the equipment is normal, the automatic switch of the water purification equipment can be turned on. The equipment runs automatically, with a high degree of intelligence. Start the raw water pump of the equipment to make the raw water enter the pre-treatment system. When the water is used to a low level, it will start automatically to realize the automatic operation function of the equipment.

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