How to scientifically configure water treatment equipment


With the progress of Industrial Science and technology, the water quality is slowly declining, and the demand for water treatment equipment is slowly rising. What should we pay attention to when purchasing water treatment equipment? First of all, let’s talk about the purchase principle. The price of water treatment equipment is different, and the standard is also different. To choose the right water treatment product, only the right one is the best. When purchasing water treatment equipment, first consider the company’s qualification, to understand the authenticity, the company’s successful cases, after-sales service and other details. Don’t blindly pursue low price products. It will be customized according to the user’s requirements, and it can also be configured with different configurations of high, middle and low end. after-sale service. After long-term use of water treatment equipment, a lot of consumables need to be replaced or cleaned. When purchasing, ask the merchant whether they will give preferential treatment or after-sales service.



First of all, we need to understand our configuration requirements. The configuration of water treatment equipment is more professional, so there are many pitfalls. For some low-power pumps, such as pumps below 10kW, experts believe that it is not necessary to choose imported pumps, for example, the products of domestic manufacturers can fully meet the requirements. In terms of filter media, we must not only compare the price, but also compare the actual parameters of the filter media. For example, the price difference between 750 and 900 iodine adsorption value of the same activated carbon filter material is nearly one time. In terms of controller, the equipment can adopt mature and stable controller. As for the choice of membrane, although there are many domestic membrane manufacturers, the experts’ suggestions are still in the choice of international brands, and the quality is relatively stable. When enterprises evaluate different suppliers, they must not only look at the price, because the water treatment equipment itself is an assembly, so they must compare the configuration item by item in detail. In addition, it also depends on whether the configuration is designed according to the actual situation of your enterprise, and whether it can meet the requirements of water quality and use. 2、 Secondly, we should pay attention to the safety of products. For example, for pharmaceutical enterprises, drug safety is a top priority. Therefore, when pharmaceutical enterprises choose suppliers, the primary consideration is safety. The safety can be inspected from the following aspects: first, the safety of process and technology, which can ensure to meet the required indicators. For example, the effective removal of heavy metal ions, microbial content control. Secondly, the components of water treatment equipment should be safe without harmful dissolved substances. Because the water treatment equipment will flow through all kinds of pipes and filter materials from the inlet water to the outlet water, it is necessary to control the materials of these pipes and materials, so as to avoid adding new harmful secondary pollutants to the water. The last is the alarm system. When the equipment fails, there must be an alarm system to prevent the polluted water from entering the drug processing section. 3、 Finally, according to the actual situation of their own enterprises to choose a cost-effective supplier.

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