How to choose a good bottled water filling equipment


1. Look at the appearance of bottled water filling equipment

The beauty of bottled water filling production line is different, but the appearance of any equipment must be easy to operate and maintain as the premise, if only for the sake of beauty and add some meaningless accessories, it will inevitably lead to the increase of production cost, and the cost is ultimately borne by customers.

2. Look at the material of bottled water filling equipment

At present, 304 stainless steel is generally used for bottled water filling equipment in the market, but some manufacturers often choose 202 stainless steel in order to reduce the cost. Although there is no obvious difference in appearance, in the long run, it often has a serious impact on the corrosion resistance and health indicators of the equipment.

3. Look at the accessories of bottled water filling equipment

A good bottled water filling production equipment is not a pile of accessories of famous brands, but a system engineering. Under the same performance, high-quality accessories will naturally bring better performance, but also increase the purchase cost. The balance point needs detailed communication between customers and manufacturers, and the test is the engineering R & D strength of manufacturers, which can not be described one by one.

4. Look at the design of bottled water filling equipment

There is only one standard for the quality of the design, which is to reduce the cost while being easy to operate and maintain. If customers have special requirements, they also need to communicate with the manufacturer in detail.


Bottled water filling equipment production line for bottled, purified water, mineral water, mountain spring water, mineral water production equipment, the whole production process includes bottle blowing, water purification, water disinfection, water filling, water packaging, etc. The bottle blowing part is to blow the bottle embryo with the bottle blowing machine. First, put the bottle embryo into the oven to preheat the bottle embryo, and then put the preheated bottle embryo into the bottle blowing machine. Then, blow the bottle out of the bottle with the same shape as the mold, and the blown bottle is used for the filling of bottled water. This is a more comprehensive bottled water filling equipment production line design.

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