How to choose a better filling equipment for fruit juice


According to different raw materials, juice beverage production line is divided into fresh juice pressing, fruit powder mixing and mixed juice beverage. Fresh fruit juice types can be divided into: turbid juice, green juice. Turbid juice contains pulp or soluble solids of juice, which is high energy, or NFC juice, which has high content of juice. Juice drinks containing pulp can also be regarded as turbid juice. Drinks can be divided into acidic juice drinks and neutral juice drinks according to their acidity and alkalinity. Neutral juice drinks are also called plant protein drinks. Coconut juice, soybean beverage, peanut milk, walnut milk, almond syrup.

When the equipment of juice beverage production line selects the original fruit, it usually selects the high-quality fresh fruit, and generally uses the classical selection and washing, juicing or extraction methods to make the juice. Fruit juice is delicious, easy to be absorbed by human body, and some have medical effect. Fruit juice can be drunk directly or made into various drinks. It is a good baby food and health food. It can also be used as the raw material of other foods. The soluble solid content of fruit juice is generally 10 ~ 15%. Most of the fresh fruit juice is water, followed by sugar, and the main acids are malic acid, citric acid and tartaric acid. Although the content of acid is less than sugar, it is an important component. It can make the juice have a mild sour taste and adjust the flavor of the juice.

According to the output, the juice beverage production equipment can be divided into 4000 bottles / hour, 6000 bottles / hour, 10000 bottles / hour, 15000 bottles / hour, 20000 bottles / hour – 36000 bottles / hour. Plastic bottle generally uses plastic cap. Glass bottle juice drinks generally use easy pull ring cap, three screw cap, etc. Let’s talk about the key points of three screw cap, which can be in the form of rubbing cap, but now the three in one machine is commonly used to directly screw cap. Automatic capping after hot filling of glass bottles, installation of a reverse capping device to make the three screwing caps fall to the correct position, and then normal capping operation can ensure that the capping is in place, and there will be no phenomenon of screwing the bottle mouth or not in place. A spray device needs to be installed between the filling and capping. Through photoelectric detection, when a bottle passes through, pure water is sprayed on the bottle mouth to spray and wash the juice beverage left at the screw mouth of the bottle mouth during filling, so as to avoid bacteria breeding in the subsequent bottle mouth. From a strict safety point of view, it is necessary to pour the bottle for sterilization and spray sterilization cooling after sealing the fruit juice beverage, which is also called secondary sterilization. The pouring bottle mainly uses the temperature of the fruit juice beverage to sterilize the inside of the bottle cap. Spray sterilization is also known as pasteurization, and then immediately reduce the temperature. The long-term high temperature of juice material will cause the loss of internal influencing components, affect the taste and color.

Juice beverage production equipment needs to be cleaned regularly after use. CIP cleaning system is used to clean the filter materials. Filter materials are cleaned by backwashing method after loading. Open the water supply valve and then open the backwashing valve to feed water. This process generally takes several hours until the water is clear. Pay close attention to the filter materials with a large number of normal particles in the drainage during cleaning. Otherwise, it should be closed immediately Small inlet valve to prevent filter material from flushing out. Washing and operation: after cleaning the filter material, open the lower discharge valve and enter the normal state. The materials used for washing are acid and alkali. Disinfectant, hot water. Through cross use.

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