Fruit juice filling machine joins the ranks of young people


Fruit juice filling machine joins the ranks of young people

How to produce juice that young people like through juice filling machine in the future

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1: Personalized packaging for juice filling

There are many fruit juice filling and production enterprises in China, and the product packaging industry is various. How can consumers pay attention to their products in the numerous packaging? This requires the combination of the enterprise’s own characteristics and packaging, so that consumers have a rational or emotional understanding, and increase the product packaging recognition. For enterprises, there is no failed packaging design, only inappropriate packaging design. Repetition of various packaging will make consumers feel less fresh about the company’s products. Personalized packaging will make the products more persuasive, without too much decoration. Unique design can enable consumers to see the packaging and put the products together with the enterprise.

2: Minimalism of juice filling

When consumers buy the goods produced by the juice filling machine, they will glance at them. Successful packaging can directly transmit information to consumers, which will have an impact and attract consumers to buy. Many enterprises always hope to introduce a large amount of enterprise information to consumers through product packaging, but the result of doing so is often counterproductive, not highlighting the focus of the product. According to the survey of consumers, consumers prefer to design simple, generous and intuitive packaging.

Fruit juice filling equipment

3: Visual continuity of juice filling products

The visual continuity of fruit juice filling products and the compensation of personalized design of packaging are promising. When enterprises produce a series of new products, if the packaging adopted continues the personality, they will have a deeper impression on consumers who have bought before, increase the purchasing power of products, and product serialization will also improve the company’s brand image.

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