Development of Edible Oil Filling Equipment


Development of Edible Oil Filling Equipment

Edible oil can bring people wonderful taste enjoyment, and the hot sale of edible oil also gives us more opportunities to develop more kinds of equipment for filling equipment manufacturers. Edible oil filling machine has developed from the earliest simple manual packager to the full automatic unmanned filling and packaging line, from plunger type, flow type to intelligent weighing type, and then to multi head automatic rotation type. From dozens of barrels per hour at the beginning to 100 barrels per minute at present, edible oil filling equipment has become more mature and more diverse.

Oil Filling Machine

With the increasing labor cost, most of the large edible oil plants have purchased full-automatic unmanned automatic production lines, hoping to reduce production costs and thus occupy a certain price advantage in the market. The full-automatic edible oil filling machine was a multi head single pump type in the early days. This design needs to gradually adjust the pressure difference of each filling head when setting the filling volume, which is cumbersome, At present, most manufacturers are more convenient to adjust the filling volume by adding self-priming pumps or installing pressure reducing valves.

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