Cleaning and maintenance of juice filling machine


After using the juice filling machine for a period of time, the working efficiency will be reduced. To change this phenomenon, we should do a good job in the daily maintenance of the filling machine. Only by doing a good job in the maintenance and repair of the filling machine, can we avoid the capital investment in the repair again and again. If the maintenance of the filling machine is done in place, the enterprise can save the investment in the filling machine again. So what can we do to maximize the maintenance of the filling machine?


Cleaning and maintenance process of juice filling production line

First of all, with the drying process, workers need to work to maintain the scheduling inside the machine and the cleaning of structural fillers. For example, the gas water separator and the glass deposit on the filter must have mineral oil. The best way to dry these parts is to blow compressed air with an air gun.

Secondly, the oil mist must be kept at least more than one third when the engine oil is checked regularly. The lower ring of the discharge piston filling machine or barrel is easy to wear, and it needs to be replaced in time once it is worn during use.

Third, when cleaning the juice filling porduction line, avoid using hard things to deal with the dirt on the machine to avoid scratches. Also, do not disassemble the mechanical parts randomly, because this will affect the use effect of the filling machine. It must be disassembled and completed by professional personnel.

Fourth, for the oil stain on the filling machine, first scrub it with alcohol, which will maintain the smoothness of the stainless steel body. The check valve, stainless steel tee and charging cylinder on the machinery shall be dismantled and cleaned regularly.

Fifth, evenly apply the cleaning agent on the surface of the filling machine, and then slowly wipe with a wet cloth to clean the body of the filling machine. Finally, sponge the liquid on the surface of the filling machine. Let the machine dry naturally in the air.

Sixth, valves and other objects that often pass through the water flow are difficult to clean because they have scale formed on them. Ultrasonic cleaning can be used with high efficiency.

Seventh, the filling machine is easy to clean. Many manufacturers can do it independently and meet their own production needs. Generally speaking, the service life of the filling machine is relatively long. Therefore, it is better to clean the filling machine at regular intervals to keep the body clean.

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