Big Bottle Water Filling Machine Production Line


Big Bottle Water Filling Machine Production Line Introduction:

Big bottle water filling machine production line is suitable for polyester and plastic bottle filling of mineral water and purified water. 3-10L bottled water filling machine realizes full automation in the whole process, integrating with washing, filling and capping part.

The PET bottle types applicable for various parts are easily, conveniently and rapidly adjustable. Bottled water filling machine adopts new micro-negative pressure filling. Compared with the machines of the same specification, the capacity of this machine is larger.

Big Bottle Water Filling Machine Production Line

Machine adopts advanced Mitsubishi programmable logic controller (PLC) to control. The input bottle adopts air conveying device; the output bottle adopts adjustable speed way, which combines with the transducer of the host machine making the output bottle running more stable and reliable.



Big Bottle Water Filling Machine Specifications:

1. Capacity:1600b/h
2. Machine material:SUS304
3. Power:5.5kw

Detail Description:

Washing part

The washing part composes of bottle washing clamp, upper rotary plate, guide rail, water distributing plate, shield, water spraying device, water tray, etc.
Bottle washing clamp rotates with the upper rotary plate, and open the bottle mouth clamp with elastic distortion when contacting the bottle feeding starwheel, which can clamp the bottleneck, then overturns at 180° along the guide rail, bottle mouth may become downwards for cleaning and drying the bottle with water. then overturn for 180°, bottle mouth becomes upwards and then conveyed with the starwheel; the shield can prevent sprinkling of cleaning water; water distributing plate can deliver the cleaning water from the still parts to the rotary parts.


Filling part

The filling part mainly composes of bottling barrel, bottling valve, guide rail, lifting device, bottle clamping lift device, etc.
The bottle is conveyed to the bottling machine with the clamp plate of starwheel drive bottling bottle clamp plate supports the bottleneck and rotates together with the bottling, and ascend along the guide rail and then open the bottling valve for bottling, after finishing bottling, it descends and oose the bottling valve, bottling valve may automatically close. The bottle is discharged from the bottling machine along with the clamp plate of starwheel drive.


Capping part

The capping part composes of cap separating mechanism, capping machine, and cap arranging mechanism. The bottle is conveyed into the capping machine with starwheel and then is clamped with the bottle clamping block; the cap is arranged by the cap arranging mechanism and then is delivered to the cap separating mechanism from the lower cap tank; cap separating mechanism can separate the caps, and capping head may ascend and remove the cap and press it onto the bottle mouth with cam; under the drive of gear, capping head tighten the cap on the bottle mouth along the shaft, and keep constant capping moment; the well-capped bottle is delivered out with starwheel. The capping machine is connected with cap separating mechanism, lower cap tank, cap arranging mechanism with harmonious combination through several movements for delivering bottle, delivering cap, holding cap, and capping.


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