Barreled Water Filling Machine


Barreled Water Filling Machine Introduction:

A barreled water filling machine is a fully automated machine that is used to fill and seal barrels or jugs with water. The machine is capable of filling and sealing up to 1000 barrels per hour. It is equipped with a touch screen control panel for easy operation and is designed for high speed and accuracy. The machine is also equipped with a built-in water treatment system to ensure the quality of the water being filled.

Barreled Water Filling Machine

Process: Filling
Power Supply: 220V or 380V
Trademark: Luye Machinery From China, We are a high quality supplier in China.
Voltage: 380V(You can also select other voltages)
Processing Material: Water, Pure Water, Spring Water, Mineral Water
Capacity: 600 Barrels Per Hour

Barreled Water Filling Machine
Product Name: Automatic Water Production Line,3-5 Gallon Water Filling Line, 5 Gallon Barreled Water Production Line

Model Capacity max Air pressure voltage Size mm Remark
BG-1 800BPH 0.6MPa 220V 500X500X1800 Single head
BG-2 1500BPH 0.8Mpa 220V 850X700X1900 Double head
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