Application of filling machine in fruit juice beverage industry


Juice beverage filling machine (automatic beverage filling machine production line) The beverage produced by the automatic hot filling equipment is delicious, very refreshing and sweet to drink. Long term drinking is beneficial to health. Now there are many types of packaging for fruit juice drinks, including glass bottle packaging, plastic bottle packaging, pop can packaging, etc. It is recommended to make fresh fruit juice drinks without adding any additives, such as preservatives. Blueberry juice is a seasonal fruit, which needs to be frozen after picking. During production, it needs to be unfrozen in advance for reproduction and processing. The processing technology is similar to the popular sea buckthorn juice beverage.

Now many fruit planting bases have been put into production in the beverage industry, such as mango, kiwi, yellow peach, hawthorn, passion fruit, etc. Different types of fruits have different juice extraction methods, so compared with bottled water and aerated drinks, the processing technology of this original fruit juice drink is quite complex and the market demand is strong. People pay more and more attention to the health of beverages.

A complete production line of original fruit juice drinks includes pure water production system, original fruit juice pressing, filtering, ingredients, homogenization, degassing, sterilization system, full-automatic bottle blowing machine, empty bottle pneumatic conveying, juice beverage hot filling machine, automatic capping machine, bottle cap disinfection equipment finished product conveying, bottle pouring sterilizer, spray sterilization cooling equipment, strong drying machine, laser inkjet printer, labeling machine, carton packaging machine.

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