• Adhesive Labeling machine
  • Adhesive Labeling machine
  • OPP Hot glue melt labeling machine

    Optional Equipment :

    1):Linear OPP Hot glue melt labeling machine
    2) Rotary OPP Hot glue melt labeling machine

    Hot melt glue labeling machine is widely used for different material of bottles . The label cost is comparatively lower, it can meet the requirements of those users who have diverse kinds of the bottles. It is the most economical models in cost to make mass production and intergrated operating. The equipment has massively used modularization design concept to make it easy and simple for users to change the bottles. Whether from the replacement of star wheel, guide plate or manual speed adjustment to automatic speed control, for example changing the label is only needed to change the program, the products concept of that the equipment is designed for users is embodied in everywhere.

    Feature of OPP hot glue Labeling Machine
    Production Efficiency Of Equipment: 150bottles/min
    Single Contraction Label Feeding Tray: Automatically controlled by PLC
    Automatic detection&position
    Swift and labor-saving for changing the label
    Absolutely precise cutting-off position

    Electrical Appliance Configuration Specification
    is a kind of low-speed machine, but it adopts equivalent PLC, positioning module, servo motor, and frequency converter. Besides, its touch screen is featured with a humanized operation.

    Applicable Bottle Types
    Various kinds of bottle types, for example, round bottles, square bottles, flat bottles, curved bottles and cup-shaped, etc.

    Technical Parameter

    Main Motor Power: 2.2KW
    Main Motor Brand: OMITER
    Controller: Schneider
    Servo Motor: Schneider 1.5Kw
    PLC Moudle: Schneider
    Transducer: SICK Schneider
    Encoder: SICK
    Voltage: 380V±10%
    Frequency: 50HZ
    Machine Power: 8Kw
    Available Bottle Type: Round bottle:Φ40-105mm, Height:80-350mm
    Label Specification: Length:125-320mm, Height:20-150mm
    Capacity: 3000-20000B/H(100ml-1500ml bottle)
    Glue Comsumption: 1 kg/ 100,000bolttle (label height:50mm)
    Compressed Air Pressure: MIN5.0bar MAX8.0bar
    Comsuption of Compressed Air: 0.2M³/minute
    Total Weight: 2500Kg
    Overall Dimension: L=3150 W=1770 H=1800

    OPP Hot glue melt labeling machine

    Machine Details Description:

    The adjustment of label cutting blade is easy and simple.
    2)Vacuum-grip cylinder is made of high hardness material,the additional old handler can reduce the frictions of labels and prevent static electriciy
    3)The change-over of shape pars can be finished with in 10 minutes
    4)The position of cutting blade can be quickly and accurately adjusted by manual control cabinet
    5)Vacuum-grip cylinder and cutting unit adopt special material which are wearproof and heat protection
    6)The self-adjustmen knob can reset the I-MARK position while change he cutting length of  labels

    OPP Hot glue melt labeling machine

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